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The Bachelor Chronicles, by Ron Geraci, (“the male Carrie Bradshaw”)

to be published by Kensington Press
Available in stores June 30, 2006

Countless Americans are already familiar with professional romantic Ron Geraci and his dating dilemmas, disappointments, disasters and the odd triumph. His popular column, “This Dating Life,” appeared in Men’s Health magazine for three years. He’s appeared on several national television programs, such as The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, CBS Evening News, Weekend Today, Philadelphia After Midnight (regular guest), Good Day New York, MSNBC Morning Show, CNN's On Health, and several others. Having also been interviewed by numerous publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, the New York Post, the Boston Herald and O Magazine, plus having made more than 400 radio appearances, Ron Geraci has spent the past five years, quite unintentionally, being “the male Carrie Bradshaw” and has interacted with hundreds of singles in his electrifying dating seminars.

In The Bachelor Chronicles, Geraci hilariously imparts the often outrageous particulars of his steadfast quest for true love, ever so casually capturing our hearts and leaving us to marvel at why it is so damn hard for him to find a great mate. He spills his guts with unabashed honesty about the new challenges of modern dating, and reveals what men are really thinking every step of the way (and why a woman should always wear earrings on a first date). He gives an in-the-trenches view of the seedy side of singles industry. He tells us how he shaved his body to back up a lie that he was a semi-competitive swimmer and how he was coerced into screaming, “Lookin’ fine, Momma!” to an unsuspecting female on Madison Avenue. He informs us that he is a little on the short side, a bit overweight and rapidly losing the hair on his head. He joins a gym, and visits a top plastic surgeon and two psychiatrists. He hires a matchmaker and an image consultant. He recounts the episode when he was actively seeking a prostitute (and what men really think about paying for sex). And then there was time in 5th grade when he was convinced he had contracted a virginal case of VD. But he never tells us that he’s called a woman and asked, “Are you free tonight?” because he knows how expensive the dating game is, having spent at least $20,000 (not counting taxis) on over 300 dates since 2001 alone. If this figure shocks you, you’re probably not a single man.

Ron Geraci is far from alone in the fairly new online pursuit of love, an industry in which he is known as a sought-after expert. He was an advice columnist for, and now appears on their home page. Of the estimated 16 million people who have visited online dating sites (representing 1 in 10 internet users), 43% have actually followed through with a date, and 17% say their online romances have resulted in a committed relationship or marriage. He likens online dating to the legendary excitement of “laying crab traps. You set the bait, go to sleep or eat or drink beer, and just wait. Then you go back the next morning and see what good fortune has waiting for you.”

Whether in spite of or because of all the anguish, heartache and missed opportunities recounted in the pages of The Bachelor Chronicles, Geraci maintains his dream of finding one woman to love, cherish and have beautiful babies with. He is “still accepting applications,” at least until Nicole dumps her husband and comes crawling back to him.

Ron Geraci

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